Tire Service

Improve your vehicle’s handling, increase tire life, and drive with safety by checking your tires every month to insure that they are inflated with the right amount of air pressure. - Call us or email and let us help you with your tire services.

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3 Axle alignment – $225

Promotion details Coming Soon… or Call now: 1-708-617-9274

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Winterizing – $69.99!

Promotion details Coming Soon… or Call now: 1-708-617-9274

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FREE Annual inspection!

Promotion details Coming Soon… or Call now: 1-708-617-9274

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InterPro Transport, Professional Writer

Great Service, highly recommended. The staff is very professional and the technicians are well experienced. The shop works two shifts which makes it very convenient. The supervisors on site make sure the job is done right as they assist the whole process, which it does not happen in a lot of shops around. When my truck’s get in for PM Service they are fully inspected within the price and i am notified of any repairs needed immediately.

Damper, Senior Developer

They have good service and good price. Really take care of your truck…. Open until 11pm during week so I can stop by whatever I need it. Labor is $65/h , many parts in stock…. Two shifts, forman that have time to talk with you… You can drop off the trailer on the yard if need it. Very friendly, professional and knowledge service

Adrian S., Engineer

Great Service. Lots of tire on stock. Alignment for trucks and trailers, open from 6 am till midnight . if you got any problem step by and the professional staff will try to fix it ASAP. Highly recommended shop for your truck

Grzegorz Bielski, Blogger

Very outstanding service at resonable prices.If you looking for quality and solid service this is the shop.Mechnick’s and shop foremans are very skilled and trained.They answer your every question right away. Every time I went there with my truck most of the repairs was done at the same day.Highly recomended.